Thursday, July 31, 2008

Updates and ramblings!

I can't believe more than 2 weeks have passed since I blogged! Wow time flies!!

We have been very busy which is the excuse I will use for not blogging. I am also feeling very much like a wilted flower. I HATE this weather. It is unbelievably hot and humid here. My boss has even taken to covering the windows to keep out the sun or it doesn't even feel like the air conditioning is on. We (my honey and I )have pulled down the shutters on our sliding glass doors (put there for typhoons) since we get the afternoon sun and I kid you not, you could bake bread in those 2 rooms. So the temperature is ok (with air conditioning of course) but it is dark in those rooms so between the heat, humidity and darkness I am feeling a bit off! UGH...2 more months of this crap!

Good ...great news!
I have been dreaming for a while of our neighbour moving out. I always thought he was a student (and therefore would likely move soon). I dreamed that we would move our office in to that apartment. The little office we have now is great and I am thankful we have it but already it is too small so that is why I was dreaming. But the other day I came home and he had just had an air conditioner installed so I realized he wasn't moving any time soon. There is an empty apartment downstairs but it is next to the crazy old lady so don't want to share any walls with her!So I said to the Universe (or God if you like)..." ok...I will let that dream go...when it is right something better will come along". Well...the next morning we were woken up by knocking at the door. My honey answered and chatted with someone. He came back to the bedroom with a box. It turns out our neighbours below us are moving out and they brought us a good bye present (no, we aren't close with them-it is the Japanese thing to do when you move). So, we immediately emailed our landlord and told him we wanted to move out of the little house (our office) and into the downstairs apartment. He said yes!!! So, in August we will be moving our office into the apartment below us! I am soooooo excited! I am excited not just because we will have much more space but because there is a small (tiny) backyard!! I am going to block it off to make it private and put a little Japanese bbq and some chairs!! One of the rooms I will make into my office and craft room. I will put a comfy chair there to read. We will have much more space for all of our stock etc. Can you tell I'm happy?

I thought I would end this entry with a very funny and true story. This conversation took place a couple of years ago but it is still funny (I write down his cute English so that one day I can write a book).

Ok so Futoshi and I were watching tv and a commercial came on about a movie that was going to be on tv later that week. I wasn't really paying attention but Futoshi saw someone in the commercial and wanted to know his name ...

Futoshi:who is that guy?

me-what guy?

F-you know that guy...some singer

Me-who are you talking about?

F-you know that singer named "corn beef"

me (he had my attention now)-WHO??!!

F-you know that singer from a while back named "corn beef" or at least his name is "something beef"

me (after a lot of thinking)-you mean "meatloaf"?

I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe!! Still laugh when I think about it.
Hope it was funny...maybe you had to be here!!


Spinvill said...

I am so happy for you, space is a luxury in Japan, and when you work at home as well, it leaves you with less than usual.The best part must be that you don`t have to move far away! It can`t get any easier than down the stairs?
I hope you will survive the heat and humid, I don`t envy you this. Even my mother which is Japanese, never goes to Japan at this time of year. I wish you luck, with moving and weather-projects!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

haha, gotta love meatloaf! ;p that's so funny!

YAY for your new work space! that's so exciting! don't you love how things like that just fall into place? :)

coffeegirl said...

I LOVE your hubby's comment. He's got nothing on my Dad, though. Dad used to real big on watching music videos in the 1980's. He talked about "Pack of Eagles" (which was actually "Flock of Seagulls" and "Rhonda Lindstandt". That was actually Linda Ronstadt"! Good 'ol Dad.

Danice said...

LOL @ Meatloaf, talk about lost in translation at times!, congrats on scoring your new space too- thats great news, and ill send you some of our rain and wind if you like? we're sick of it- two weeks straight so far!!

Girl Japan said...

It is just HOT isn't it? Nice Shop, great blog!

sofia said...

Hi Spinvill-space is a luxury and we are counting our blessings! The heat and humidity have been a wee bit better these last few days but I won't delude myself in to thinking it is over yet.

Hey Melissa! I know....I will never forget this one.

Coffeegirl-my dad had one that cracked me up-he used to call the psychedelic furs the "fuzzies". UGH!

Danice-I love that comment about lost in translation. I swear when we go back to Canada at Christmas I will be translating his "English" in to real English!!

Girl Japan-Hi! It is hot but only about 6 weeks to go and at least the evening should be getting better sooner than that!


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