Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I got a mini pc for less than $1!

So the other day my honey and I went into town to buy fabric. We came with 2 computers instead and for the one in the above pictures we got it for less than $1 !!

The story....so we are sitting at starbucks and my honey is complaining (again) about how slow his computer is so we decided to buy a laptop for him. So we went to my favorite electronics shop. We were looking at laptops and suddenly there was a "time sale". They had a sony vaio normally around $1500 on for $1000 for 1 hour. So we checked it out and decided to buy it. Then we went to the counter...not the place you pay but the place where you sit down and have everything explained to you. We decided to put the older laptop downstairs in the office for the time being so we needed an internet connection down there. By joining that provider we got another $200 off the computer! So...we had to wait 30 minutes so we walked around the shop and found the display (1st picture) selling mini pcs for 100 yen. So we asked the first salesman about it. The plan-join emobile service and get the mini pc for 100 yen. The guy said that monthly plan was 2,900 yen-6,700 yen per month ($29-$67). If you look at 30 web pages it will cost you 2,900 for the month and if you look at 70 web pages it will be 6,700 per month. Well...that didn't make much sense since I can look at 30 web pages in an hour. So, we walked away. I kept saying "I want a toy" to my honey. We saw the same display in another area so we decided to double check the deal and asked a different guy. Turns out the maximum I would be charged (no matter how many pages I look at) would be 6,700 yen so I said "sign me up". So we went over to the counter and he explained everything. I handed over my 100 yen and got my computer!!
I LOVE THIS THING!!! I went shopping the next day and while shopping I turned it on and checked my inventory to see what I didn't need and what I did need. See we have so many items in our shop that I actually forget what we have or what we need so this little guy will save us money and I can check email, our business etc from anywhere!!
I've been showing my students and friends and they are shocked since normally the price for the machine is around $450.
I am one happy camper!!!


Pants said...

Wow, what a fantastic deal!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

wow - that is incredible! go you!!!

meredeth said...

aw, it's so cute~ awesome luck!

catwrangler said...

I have this same computer and paid about $300 for it. I love it. :-) Congrats on the great purchase.

Patrizia said...

I have read through most of your blog and I find it so interesting! I love it!

1$ For a laptop, even with a contract is pretty special!

Kohmi said...

That is awesome!!! ^_^

sofia said...

Thanks everyone!! I love using it on the train, at work etc. I love my toys!!


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