Saturday, March 28, 2009

I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since I blogged!

Seriously, where has the time gone? Almost daily I promise myself that I will blog but by the time I remember, it is about 3 am!! Once I get my new mini computer I will blog at work or at least write it in word and up load it will be so much easier! Did I mention that my other mini computer (that I got for 100 yen) broke and the company said it would cost about $180 to fix it? Well, we will put that $180 towards a newer model with more memory so I can have word and do more work between classes on my business!

Lots going on that I will blog about soon but one thing is that I have a new assistant! I've been busy training her. She is a sweet older lady that lives in town and drives (not all older ladies do in Japan). My student introduced me to her and we hit it off right away. She speaks NO English so I've needed my hubby around as she speaks super fast and I can't always catch what she is saying but she is so sweet! It turns out that not only will she be my office assistant but also my "gardener". Well...more like "weed puller". We moved in to the office last September and haven't touched the small "yard" in the back and we have weeds that are as tall as small trees! But half the time I forget and frankly, I have no time (and my honey has never ever worked in a garden so he isn't much help and he has no time either). She said it was nothing so I soon will have just dirt and a few bushes....and it will be nice to see the little tree. I was actually thinking that once it is weeded, it would be nice to have a barbecue (Japanese style). Time will tell if that will happen!

Thought I would leave you will some pics! The first 2 pics are from a fabulous store we sometimes go to. They are all decked out for spring...cherry blossoms are everywhere!

The next 2 pics are of my student's sister. In the first pic she is trying to make the peace sign!

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