Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've opened another etsy shop!

Well, I've opened another store on etsy! This is my third one! I never thought I would do it but there are so many cute/kawaii things to sell and our other store is getting huge so we decided to open this one just for "decosweets" that is what all the cute decoration items/mini cakes/whip cream clay things are called in Japan so I named my store.... DecoSweets.etsy.com . I am totally loving this store. There are so many things I will be buying for this shop...clay, molds, books, kits, deco mini items etc. We will still sell some of these items in our other store FromJapanWithLove but we will focus on it in the new store!

Other news.... spring is in the air! Blossoms are blooming everywhere and the sky has been a wonderful blue! Kids are on spring vacation which doesn't totally thrill me since it can be quite a scene while I'm shopping. I mean literally piles of kids around me staring at me as if I'm some kind of alien. But often they get up the courage to say hi and then giggle like mad when I say hi back. It can be quite cute! What is really cute is when I see my little students at the shop. They are shocked to see me outside the school! Some will only speak Japanese to me but others will speak a bit of English. If I'm shopping at the cute stores and they see me with many memo pads/pencils/stickers etc I usually hear "iina!" which basically means they are jealous. The next time I see them at school they brag to their classmates that we met at the store!

Our new assistant tackled the "jungle" out back....seriously she did an amazing job! I can actually see the little tree now that the weeds are gone! A lot of older women in Japan love gardening...even though their gardens/yards are tiny compared to many of ours in North America. I'm so happy to see this little backyard of ours that I'm thinking it might good to have my honey's folks over for a Japanese barbecue....hmmmm. Will have to talk to hubby about that! Just the thought of grilling our own "yakiniku" (barbecued meat) makes me smile!


Stéphanie Kilgast said...

Yes buy some clay books! That would be great :) I don't know what else interesting you could buy, but I found your new shop before seeing your post :D

Craig said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, just thought I'd mention that. :) Life in Japan sounds amazing.

FromJapanWithLove said...

HI Stephanie-thanks for the ideas! Glad you found my shop!

Craig-thanks for the kind words....it can be pretty good here!!

Julie said...


I am not sure how I came across your Blog.....I think through Swap Bot. But I just HAD to leave a comment to thank you for such funny & detailed pictures and information about Japan & their Culture!

I lived in Yokosuka (approx 2 hours south of Tokyo) from 1991-1993 while my Husband was a US Marine stationed on the Naval Base there. I lived by myself in Nahama by the Beach about 12 miles from the Base (or 3 hours depending on traffic!) I can so relate to a lot of your stories & it is so fun seeing and hearing things from a "Gajin"'s point of view! I know "skoshi" Japanese, which I use from time to time for fun when I talk to my Kids or Father.

I still bow sometimes when I am at a street light & lift my hand to wave when somebody let's me in....habit!

Thanks again for bringing back fun memories!


chinamommy said...

i LOVE your blog! My daughter was adopted from China & her best little friend & family just moved BACK to Japan. We want to visit someday when we take our daughter back to China to visit her homeland. i am all about cute, so i love your etsy store too :)
misschell (i'm on etsy too: chinamommy)

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hi everyone! thanks for the comments and ideas and compliments!!!


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