Sunday, March 1, 2009

Japanese pizza

Japanese pizza is an interesting thing. The basic ingredients are the same for making dough, tomato sauce etc and yet it tastes radically different. Even a pizza made with "normal" ingredients like ham, pepperoni, mushrooms etc still doesn't taste like ours do in North America. I have to say that while I have eaten my fair share of pizzas over the last 10 years I would never have said that I LOVED them....until last night!! (now for those who read that I don't eat wheat/gluten....that is true for 99.9% of the time but occasionally due to lack of choices and whatnot, I breakdown and eat something with wheat).

In the picture above is the pizza I ate last night. The bottom half has chicken, red peppers, mushrooms, onion, nori (seaweed), mayo and mustard sauce. It was good BUT the top half was divine and totally weird in terms of what we are used to in North America. It has "mentaiko" which is spicy fish eggs (the red stripes) , "mochi" (chewy rice cakes)(the white lumps) , corn and nori (seaweed). I love all those items but I wasn't sure about it on a pizza but OMG!!! It was sooooo good. The mochi was chewy and I don't know how to explain it but it just worked!!

Things you probably didn't know about pizza in Japan:

Pizza in Japan is expensive. Forget 2-for-1 deals etc. The biggest pizza is 35 cm or 14 inches and can cost up to $38!! Needless to say the average family doesn't eat pizza for dinner often!

These ingredients are common on pizza:
potato chunks
sausage-not like ours but like long sausages kids would eat
And even though Japanese love fish....I can't find anchovies!!

So, if you ever come to Japan...I highly suggest you try some Japanese pizza!!


Colleen said...

OMG!! This totally made me laugh because pizza over there was one of the things that always amazed me and shocked anyone that came to visit! Thanks for the blast from the past and glad you enjoyed dinner!

Jennifer Rose said...

$38 for a pizza!! o.0 Don't know if I could eat a pizza with with fish eggs on it though ugh

We would be screwed money wise if we went to Japan at $38 a pizza. Thats almost all we ate in New Zealand because it was cheap lol

Japanese culture said...

Fish eggs on Pizza! never heard something like that anywhere but I bet is awful to eat. Japanese culture is very different when it comes to food especially. They have so many rules to eat.LOL

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm, Japanese pizza, nice. :)

Btw, here's a little present...

From Croatia With Love :)

...maybe you can get some inspiration
and make some cute international handmade items. :)

Me and my friends would be happy to buy some.

Once again...

From Croatia With Love ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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ngepot said...
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Shelly Rodriguez said...

Yummy! When we went to Japan last April, we never got a chance to eat their version of pizza. Hopefully when we travel there next, we will get to have some.

The top half of the pizza you had sounds really yummy to me! :9

Dazy said...

I like pizza with chilled beer. This recipe would keep me busy in the kitchen again. Planning to have this in the weekend.


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