Friday, May 1, 2009

Golden Week.

I am on the train to the city to do some shopping and maybe eat some delicious yakiniku.

The other day we went to the mall and took these pictures.The cheapest whole watermelon we could find was almost 20 dollars and was not big.

The other picture is of a display of new items at one of our favorite stores.They have cute slippers and little...kind of pouch or holder for cool packs so you can keep cool etc.Very cute.

The weather is great right now-perfect for the Dontaku festival which will take place next week during golden week.It is in the city near me and is famous throughout Japan-millions come every year.It lasts a few days and there are shows-concerts and a parade.Though i have lived here almost 11 years I have never really seen it because I do not like big crowds.

Also during golden week in there is a famous pottery festival in Arita which is Saga ken.This is fantastic if you like Japanese pottery.It is a 4 km stretch of pottery heaven! You can get amazing deals on pottery that normally costs a fortune.You can also barter to try to get an even better price which is normally not done in Japan.I LOVE Arita pottery festival and have been a few times.The key is to get up at 4am and get there just when it opens before it becomes super busy-and it will since it is very famous in Japan-this festival has been taking place for more than 100 years.

I just asked my honey why this holiday is called Golden Week and he said because having such long holidays-5 days-is rare and therefore special like gold.He also just told me that Japanese call the Tv time from 7-9 pm Golden time instead of prime time.Hmmm...I learn something new every day!

Well my train ride is almost over-shopping here I come!


Jennifer Rose said...

$20 for a watermelon?! thats insane lol I miss fruit from Canada where you get get a watermelon for a couple bucks right from the farmer.

the pottery festival sounds wonderful! would be a lovely sight to see 4km of it :)

FromJapanWithLove said...

Oh Jennifer sadly, that isn't the most expensive watermelong...there was another one for $30 and I've seen them as high as $200!! I miss fruit in Canada too!!!! The pottery festival is as wonderful as it sounds!!!

Grace said...

One thing I remember clearly in Japan was how expensive certain fruits were..... I love my fruit here! Also hubs was telling me that they are lacking veggies in Japan and that he's craving GREENS to eat! He's really missing his Westernized/Canadian food, however, he did say he went to TGIFridays in Tokyo =)

I forgot to ask him to find an omiyage for our 14 month old nephew.. any suggestions?? I know they have such cute things in Japan!!!

Have fun shopping!!!! I loved shopping in Japan too, but I can't see my hubs doing that much because he hates shopping =(... that being said, I really don't think he'll find anything interesting for me =(

What are your plans for the next 10 days? Is your husband off for that long too?

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hey Grace....they aren't lacking veggies here if you cook etc. But restaurants don't serve veggies the way they do back home! And salads aren't salads like back home either!! I remember thinking when I first got here that I had never eaten so much cabbage since that is what most salads tend to made of and there is basically no choice in terms of salad dressings! I loved going to TGIFs when I was in Tokyo!! I did have fun shopping!! And we ate the best yakiniku for dinner!! As for our hubby doesn't have a job anymore....he doesn't need one because I started the etsy business and then our yahoo store etc. He was laid off February 2008 and it was the best thing that could have happened frankly!! He is so happy working from home! I still work 4 days a week but I love my job and there is no danger of me losing it so we decided he didn't need to get another job!! I don't really have plans for golden week. Going in to town to meet friends but basically I will be relaxing and working on my businesses! And for omiyage....if he doesn't like shopping it will hard for him to get good things!! And I don't know Tokyo so not sure what to suggest. I'm not much help!!! Sorry!!

Peng Peng said...

that is expensive watermelon!! I guess we take it for granted in the US :) Your shopping trip sounds fun! We have a japanese mall near Chicago, i just love walking around and seeing all the neat things :)

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Despite the expensive watermelon, I'm dying to visit Japan! Would love to see all that pottery!


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