Saturday, May 30, 2009


I love this time of year!!! "Hotaru" or fireflies (or as my honey once asked me....what's that bug with a light on its ass?) are easily found. It literally is like walking among fairies! The other day my honey and I went searching for them and we found a few but it was strangely cold and with typhoon like winds so we aren't sure if were too early or the weather was making them hide. But it is magical when you do see them. We are lucky to be living in the countryside which almost always has fresh running water which my honey says is almost the only place you see them. I do know that I don't see them near our apartment (or my work)...we have to walk into the darker countryside areas to see them and indeed there is always fresh running water nearby.

Btw-this picture was taken (not by me) in Nagoya and NOT digitally enhanced but I am guessing that the person used a special lens or camera or something cause I wouldn't ever be able to take this kind of pic!


Cindy Khor said...

the picture really is magical, rows and rows of fireflies... in malaysia, there's also a place to witness flyflies all year round, but i think the tourism activity had largely decreased their numbers

Grace said...

Beautiful! I haven't seen fireflies like that since we sold our cabin almost 30 yrs ago in 100 mile house!

Tasy said...

that's so beauty of nature. it's warming to see fireflies. i haven't seen them yet :(


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