Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's a trap to make you pay more! Unbelievable!

This must fall under the "only in Japan" category!!

So....I was watching baseball on TV the other day (ok....I was eating dinner while my honey was watching baseball on TV) on a local channel. I asked if it was going to be over soon. He said no. Just as he said that the channel that was showing the baseball game changed the program. I was confused and said that it must be over because wasn't on the channel any more. My honey laughed at me and then took the remote control and turned on our "sky perfect" TV (we have a dish) and after a few seconds found the station that was showing the game. I was very confused and asked what was going on. He said that the game is only shown for 3 hours on local TV so he had to switch. So I checked the channel on "sky perfect" and sure only started to air the game after the local TV stopped airing it. So....basically you can't watch a full game on any 1 station!!! And, if you don't pay for "sky perfect" or some other satellite TV company, you can never watch the end of a game! I can't even imagine that happening in North America! I mean....can you imagine during a football game...just as a touchdown is happening the TV station stops airing it and you have to fiddle around and change stations?!


Fernando said...

OMG lol...that would be brutal...but is all a matter of "getting used to" I bet if in america they started little by little making the change in 5 years would end up in the same situation and other countries would say "what the hell?"

Sensible Obsessions said...

I don't watch sports but if I did I would be ticked!

I don't think they'd ever try to pull something like that here in USA.

Grace said...

That's crazy!! Not good! If they did that to our HOCKEY games here, then a lot of angry people will be out there LoL! Canada is all about hockey, right? =)


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