Sunday, May 30, 2010

I just made gluten free, low(er) carb bread!

So, under "my favorite blogs" on my blog, there is "Elana's Pantry". I put it there a while back because it looked cool but I never really checked it out until today and OMG....I wanted to make so many of the recipes but I figured I wouldn't have the ingredients on hand....after all I live in Japan where you basically can't find gluten free products. BUT I realized I had everything on hand to make her "gluten free simple bread" so I made it. You will have to forgive the pictures as we took them at night but you can at least see what it turned out like. It is very very good!! It is too small to make regular sandwiches with but I made mini open faced egg salad sandwiches and they were amazing! And so simple to make without a million hard to find ingredients. And because the main ingredient is almond flour it is pretty low in carbs! Oh yeah - don't use Bob's Red Mill almond flour as it is too coarse-she has links to the almond flour she recommends.
I can't wait to toast this and eat it with bacon and eggs in the morning!!


Pili said...

Looks pretty awesome! I'll have to check that!

Shin Jyuu said...
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Aries said...

Looks yummy. You should share the recipe too. Maybe I will "Google" for one.

Emily said...

I love your blog! I stumbled across it on google. It is so colourful and your posts are great! :)


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