Saturday, June 5, 2010

Worried about your skin looking older...take a placenta pill!

I have seen a beauty commerical on TV many times and at first when I heard the word "placenta" in English in the commerical, I thought that it must be one of those crazy Japanese English words because I just couldn't imagine that there would actually be placenta in the pill. But no, I was is placenta.

The reason to take the pills is basically to keep your skin looking young. They say that the placenta helps to stabilize protein so your skin shows less signs of aging. Hmmm.....Apparently they decided to go with bovine placenta from Denmark since Denmark is famous for pigs (I didn't know that!).

Now, if pill form bothers you, perhaps you could drink it with fruit and vegetable juice? Here is a commercial I found on YouTube.

Before writing this I googled, in English, "placenta pill" and from what I could see in the wee bit of time I looked most of the sites that talk about eating placenta have to do with people believing it helps moms who just gave birth to recover faster and possible stave off postpartum depression. All the sites talked about using the woman's own placenta.

Now, I usually say "never say never" but I just can't see myself doing this for beauty.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

It could totally be all the water they drink that makes theirs king more hydrated but have the illusion that it's placenta. That is probably the time I will say NEVER.You got to give our fellow Japanese an A for effort :)

Jennifer Rose said...

ugh def. never taking that lol
i remember hearing that there is a cream you can get that has placenta in it to, supposed to make your skin look younger. meh, any cream put on your face will help

Jardzy said...

sounds gross to eat your own placenta. probably not even if Im in death bed.

i love your blog, and I have started dreaming of living in Japan!

Lisianthus said...

Hello darling!! Wow those pills seem so disgusting...I don't know If i would take them...
I'm now following your great blog. will you follow mine??<33
thank youuu


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