Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What would you ask?

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I would be adding 2 new is blogging about cool items and the other thing I am planning to do is to interview people. Some will be artisans who either are in Japan or are inspired by Japan. But I am also planning to interview "regular" (not selling on Etsy) Japanese people and I likely will be interviewing more women than men so .... what would you ask a Japanese woman? What would you want to know about the culture, lifestyle, fashion, food....? I know from my own Japanese friends, my husband's family and my students that Japanese people are very curious about "ordinary" things like how often people go to the supermarket (here it is almost daily or every other day in many many cases) as well as the "big" things like ... religion or politics so I'm sure many of you probably are curious about similar things. After reading the questions, I will ask (depending on the question) girls in their late teens to women in their 70's to get a variety of answers and then blog about them.

So, please, feel free to leave me as many questions as you like.


Amy said...

Favorite word/phrase? (i.e. help us hapless people outside of Japan keep up with hip vocab!)

Do you feel Japan is holding on to it's beautiful traditions or staying on the forefront of technology better - or balancing both well?

As a craft-o-holic here in America, I'd like to know if you like to do crafts and if so, what are your favorites?

Katybeth said...

What a great idea!

I'd like to know what kind of authors/book genres they like to read. And if they prefer to go to libraries or bookstores.

I guess a current trends question could be about the kinds of foods they eat - organic has become very big in the US recently, and you have talked alot about your adventure into gluten-free eating. Do many Japanese eat organic/vegetarian/vegan diets?

Fernando said...

I would like to ask about trains, how crowded are they and how true are the groppers and things I hear on TV

How is the relationship of Japan and their neighbours - Korea, China and North Korea

What do young girls think of relashionships now days and elderly women. I want to know if my theory: "elder women prefer to stay in japanese society and therefore meet and marry japanese men" while younger women "like to explore and prefer dating and getting out of the japanese culture"

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the questions! They are all great! Keep them coming!

catwrangler said...

How does the average Japanese person feel about whaling? Do they eat whale meat? Do they feel that it is still part of the culture to hunt whales or is it that they just don't want to let go of something?

I always felt this was a tough one to broach.

Aries said...

Do most of them really prefer fish to other meats or is it because of some other reason? I would also like to know if they are superstitious people? Most Chinese are. I am a Malaysian Chinese but not superstitious at all. Can't wait to find out. Thanks a lot.

FromJapanWithLove said...

Thanks for the great questions! I am planning some interviews now which will be in depth interviews and I'm planning to ask some of these questions to different people to see the different opinions. Not 100% sure when I will post them as it will take time.thanks!


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