Monday, June 28, 2010

Real yoga for real people

Summer has arrived and with it-high humidity which makes walking at night the exact opposite of refreshing. In fact....I hate it. So, I decided I would get back into yoga. The problem is local classes aren't really an option and I only have 1 DVD (out of about 10) that I actually like doing. 1 DVD is obviously not enough and I really want to have yoga on my ipod so I started looking at itunes. I found a few that were ok but the problem is they were just missing something-I wasn't connected and found myself looking at my clock every few minutes. Finally I found one and downloaded it and I LOVE it!! It is called "Namaste yoga with Dr. Melissa West". Her website is here

The funny thing is that she is Canadian and lives not too far from where I grew up-what a small world!!! Anyway,...what can I say? Her podcasts are feel like you are in the room with her. She banters with her guests, she jokes...she is natural and real. I have found her classes really are for real people and she herself says she isn't Yoga Journal model...which is one of the reasons I love her classes. Before I sound like an infomercial (and no, I'm not affiliated with her) I just want to say that if you have ever wanted to try yoga but weren't sure where to start download a class and give it a try! If you are in Ajax or Whitby, Ontario you can contact her for Personal Yoga, Pilates, Thai Massage and Yoga Therapy at 416-737-0999
One final note-if you just want to download to your computer and do the class from your computer there is no problem. If, however, you want to download on to your ipod (like me), some of the podcasts may not download until you convert them. This is easy to do. If, after trying to download you get a pop up note that says something like "this podcast wasn't downloaded because it can't be played on this ipod" just highlight the podcast, then go up to the top where it says "advanced" and you will see "create ipod version". Click on that and it will convert it. It will take time-on my computer it takes 10 hours for 1 podcast but it is well worth it! Enjoy!!


Rao said...

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