Friday, May 28, 2010

Strange new Japanese flavors of American Favorites

"Baobab" is the latest flavor from Pepsi here in Japan. The taste is supposed to be similar to the baobab fruit from Africa which of course....most Japanese have never tasted. I'm sure this has everything to do with the world cup which will be starting soon. It is supposed to be "refreshing". Hubby and I bought a bottle so I could report to you all. The isn't cola...much lighter and a bit spicy....almost a bit gingery and not as sweet as cola. Does it taste like the baobab fruit? Not a clue as I have never tasted it but it was pretty good and I would drink it again.

"Ume" or pickled plums is one of the new flavors for bubblicious. Pickled plums are quite sour and so is this but while it isn't my favorite flavor of isn't bad!
We also bought "matcha" (powered green tea) "caramel" corn (no caramel on these but you get the idea ...sweet corn snacks) today and I think my hubby like the ume gum better.

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