Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If you sell products online this might be for you!

When we first started selling online, one of the most difficult things to do was to take good pictures. When I look back at the first rings we sold I kind of cringe because the pictures were horrible! We have gotten much better since then but I sure wish we had one of these when we first started! It is perfect for taking pictures of small things and you can use your iphone! I have to say that only when our one camera started to die, did we begin to use my iphone to take pictures. We were shocked at how good it was! It was even better than my husband's camera! So we have been basically using my iphone for many of our latest pictures (shoes, fans, bags) in our vintage store. So, while I might have scoffed at the idea of using my iphone with this little device a month ago....I'm not scoffing now. Take  a look at the video!

This was on kickstarter and I didn't know about it then but it is still very reasonable to purchase! You can find it here  .

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