Friday, May 30, 2014

This week in pictures!

Here is what I saw/did this week!

At the supermarket they are selling this locally made product. It is a kind of soy sauce meant to be used with yogurt, bread, ice cream etc. I don't think I will be trying this but it sounds interesting!

My  youngest class practiced the alphabet!

I made this amazing gluten free triple berry crumble! It was so delicious!!

My friend and I went to Costco and suddenly we saw this - they were filming something-we don't know who or what but it did mean I couldn't get to the meat until they finished!

We went to starbucks and saw next month's special flavors. There is a marble caramel coffee jelly frappuccino and a double chocolate coffee jelly frappuccino. I don't like coffee jelly but my husband is very excited!

I went to MK which is a "shabu shabu" restaurant. "Shabu shabu" is also called a hot pot. There is a pot with broth and you add thinly sliced pork and beef and tons of veggies and cook them at the table. And then you dip them in a spicy sauce. Yum!

And on the first floor of the building I work in, a combo flower shop/computer school will be opening. Yeah...I thought that was a strange combo as well! The front of the store is the flower shop and in the back is the computer school. They have a separate door for the computer school thankfully. is not only an odd combination for a business but the location is very strange for a flower shop! Let me show you what is around our building.

Not much, right? So...not sure how long it will stay open but I'm excited because I love flowers and every time I go to the mall, I think about buying some but I end up with too many bags so I never buy them. But now, I can buy them whenever I want! Here is the flower shop so far (they aren't open yet).

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the sauce looks like kuromitsu, but i can't read kanji so have no idea what it actually is lol and i dont think kuromitsu has soy sauce in it, but i dont actually know because you can't get it here :p


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