Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Update on the ramen burger-hubby tried it!

So, my husband and I went to Youme Town (pronounced "you may" town) which is a shopping mall and there is a Lotteria there so he decided he wanted to give the ramen burger a try. We ordered and this is what was delivered to us at the table.

There was a "burger" and a dish of ramen soup with some veggies and pork.

 It states that you can dip your hamburger into the soup.

But hubby got a bit frustrated and ended up just pulling some noodles out
of the burger, putting them in the soup and eating them that way.

He said the soup tasted good but the "burger" was just odd and trying to dip it was difficult. He gave it a 2 thumbs up but I really think he was just happy to have something in his stomach as he was starving! He said later that he probably wouldn't order it again.

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