Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Possibly the cutest bus stop in the world! Meow!!

So today I hung out with my friend Kristin. We went out to eat and on the way to the Fukutsu Aeon Mall we took an unexpected and completely delightful mini road trip to 3 amazing spots. The first spot is this bus stop!

I believe this is just past the city limits of our city, Munakata, and in Miyawaka city. This city has a character called "Oisdashi-neko" which loosely translated by my husband means "push away bad stuff cat".  The Wakamiya Oidashi Neko is said to ward off bad luck and bring in good luck.

Here is the bus stop!

Seriously....how cute is that bus stop!!!

Of course there is a story about this cat and "they" were nice enough to include a story near the bus stop in both English and Japanese so I snapped a picture for you. I enlarged this picture so that you can read the story yourself.

As you can see from the next 2 pictures-this is in the "inaka" or countryside!

Here are some rice fields that were recently planted

And here are some beautiful and misty mountains!

Because this bus stop is so cute I'm giving it its own post. I will blog about the other 2 places we went to  in my next post!

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Jennie J said...

Cutest ever!! >^.^<~<3 Love all the photos :D


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