Sunday, June 22, 2014

After the cute bus stop.....

So to continue my story from the last post.... After seeing the cute cat bus stop, my friend Kristin took me to this cute shrine which was up a large hill. No one was there so we looked around and I snapped many pictures!

The gates leading to the shrine.

Gorgeous bamboo in the gates-maybe they put candles in the the holes.

Water running down from the mountain.

After entering through the gates:


Can you see the koi? They were big!

From the shrine you can see the valley below.

From here we went to "inunaki damu" or "crying dog dam"
but on the way we saw some lovely tiered rice fields.

And here is the dam. We wanted to cross it but the walkway was closed.

In the parking lot, I saw this van and had to take a picture. Apparently you can hire "brains" in Japan.....perhaps if you don't have any?! lol.

Did you notice the guy is sleeping? There were a few cars and trucks parked at the dam and everyone was sleeping!

So after our mini side trip we went to the mall and enjoyed a drink at Starbucks and did a little shopping. It was a great day! Thanks Kristin!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful posts that show more of Japan than just Tokyo. :)

FromJapanWithLove said...

You are most welcome! I know that a lot of people think "Tokyo" when they think of Japan-I know I did before I moved here!

Jennie J said...

Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing :D And LOL at the brain-hiring ^^/


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