Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Eggnog was a hit!

I know what you are thinking....eggnog!! You might want to say something like...."hey lady....Christmas is over!". So the story goes like this.....Ever since I got here (10 years ago!) every December I have talked about eggnog and how much I missed it. I wished that my mom could send me eggnog (no....I can't make eggnog) but that was impossible.....until 2007. My mom discovered that the President's Choice company started packaging it in such a way that it didn't need to be refrigerated so she sent me a bottle in December 2007 to try. It was great! (if you have never tried any President's choice products....try them...they are fab!!). So, in November I asked my mom to ship me a case....12 -1 liter bottles via seamail. It took longer than normal so I only got it on Sunday. So all this week, I have been letting students (ok...only my favorite students) taste it. They LOVE it! The 2 girls above each got a bottle as a late Christmas present. These girls....what can I say....I LOVE them. They love trying new things and
after I gave them their bottles they were hugging them, caressing them, telling me the shape was cute and was thrilled that not only was there English on the bottle but French too! They were so cute that I just had to post this picture and story!


Super Kawaii Mama said...

What a thoughtful and fun gift. I know how much I love getting little Japanese trinkets that would be considered everyday items over there. These girls would have been delighted! Sounds like you have a most excellent job to me.

On another note, I was wondering what you cook for breakfast at your place? ( I'm reading this with my toast and coffee) Maybe you could give us some ideas for tasty breakfasts outside our usual repertoire to try.

Jennifer Rose said...

eww eggnogg. I've never liked it, def. and acquired taste. I haven't seen it here, but I've been told you can get it. President's Choice chocolate chip cookies are great :D

Suzanne said...

That's so cute!

I actually just tried that PC brand this year (well, 2008). At first I was leery since it's not refrigerated... but since I've enjoyed other PC products I finally decided to give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it!

I LOVE eggnog. It makes me sad that you can only get it for such a short period of time each year. (But it's too high maintenance for me to try making it myself!)

djStoreRoom said...

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