Monday, January 12, 2009

If you want the action of smoking without actually smoking...this is for you!

All I can say is.....only in Japan!!

In case you didn't know Japan is a country filled with smokers! And no wonder given that a pack of smokes is about $3.35!! The government is trying to get people to quit and I guess this company thought this little gadget could help ease the cravings....or at least help with the oral fix.

It looks like a cigarette but it isn't!
It has "smoke" and the end is filled with LED lights so it looks like it's lit!

It is filled with vitamins like vitamin c and supplements like CoQ10!

There are a few "flavors" and vitamin combinations to choose from. This is how you fill/refill your "cigarette".

And most importantly there are many stylish ones to choose from!

Oh and it costs about $130! Like I said....only in Japan!! ^__^


maoiliosa said...

my mother in law has something similar that she bought here in the states. the only difference is that it does not give you vitamins, but nicotine, like an actual cigarette (but lower amounts), and the smoke still stinks REALLY BAD. other than that, it looks just like the plain white one in the photos you posted, with the led light and everything!

oh, and for the record, it didn't help my mother in law quit :p. you have to actually -want- to quit smoking for it to work, haha :p.

i always thought it was strange that sooooo many people in japan smoke! you'd think it would be the opposite!

Jennifer Rose said...

what an odd thing lol I don't see it really working to get people to stop smoking, it might work for some people but I doubt it lasts.

Sandra said...

interesting gadget. there could be a big market here in China as there are soooo many ppl smoking. it just sucks. luckily i live in hong kong and it isnt too bad here. at least smoking is banned indoors.

littletricia said...

I wish they had that in the U.S. that would be great for folks!


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