Friday, July 29, 2011

Frozen fruity treats to beat the heat!

I don't know about  you but the terrible heat and humidity really do a number on my appetite and the thought of eating anything heavy makes my stomach turn. These sweet treats don't have that affect!!

Don't these frozen fruity  treats look yummy and cute?!

Apparently, hollowing out fruit and filling it with ice cream and other frozen treats is big this year!

These look delicious!

Japanese love roll cake! This one is filled with ice cream!

Macarons are also very popular in Japan. These are also filled with ice cream!

I know this is the second picture of strawberries...but who doesn't love strawberries? And stuffed with ice cream-they gotta be good!


Katie said...

Mmm, these look so good! Especially the ice cream roll cake and the strawberries. I'm cooling down already. ^__^

Japan Australia said...

Those frozen fruits look so good :)

Japan Australia

Omiyage Japan said...

Hi!!During my study in Kyoto, I really like frozen fruits especially manggo. I don't know how they make this frozen fruits. I think they mixed with ice-cream and the taste is really nice.


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