Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yum!!! I want to order some daifuku!

These look so good I just had to post pictures. These are called "daifuku" or 大福.  Daifuku are a traditional sweet made with mochi rice flour but these are a bit different. Instead of being filled with sweet bean paste these are filled with cream!!  There are a variety of flavors including matcha (green tea), sesame, strawberry, "nama" cream (fresh cream) and more!  If we do order these I will let you know how they taste and of course....they are gluten free!


Japan Australia said...

These looks so good. I love daifuku and all the different colours and fillings they have.

Japan Australia

Daisy said...

I adore these, I first had red bean paste when my auntie came back from Japan, it was in blocks and tasted so good. I now buy it from China town in Manchester, it is in the same form thats you have posted about. So good!

York said...

My god, these look so extremely yummy! :3 I hope I'm going to try them one day.

Heizi said...

Thank you so much for the rings :)



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