Thursday, July 28, 2011

My sister in Vancouver is wearing a red nose! read that right. There is a woman walking around Vancouver Canada wearing a red nose and...she is my sister! might be wondering why she would do this? In her own words:

Why, you might ask, would I wear a red nose out in public???  Well, I want to connect with people.  I want to make people smile.  I want to have people break out of their head/their own little world and shift their energy for even just a moment.  Even if they don’t smile but they just look at me, or have a confused look on their face, or whatever else they might experience, they have shifted their attention/energy.  You see, the red nose is “the smallest mask in the world” and gives the wearer AND viewer permission to take risks, to express themselves in a way that they normally wouldn’t do and also helps them go beyond their own expectations in a positive way.  With the red nose there is an open-heartedness and innocence that occurs with all involved.  A spark.  A light.  A curiosity.  
And wearing a red nose isn't new for her as she has worked in health care facilities as a clown doctor in Ontario.  She  co-created and trained high school leadership students in a Spirit Clowning curriculum, for both classroom and leadership conference purposes.  Perhaps it also helps that her degree is in Drama. But she was nervous to wear it on the street. Finally she did it and the response has been interesting!  Some of the comments have been:

"Nice nose."
"You have a bloody noses"
"You forgot to wear sunscreen."
"It's not Christmas yet."  
"Claritin should clear that right up for you!"

She noticed how more guys than gals made comments. How some people would look anywhere but at her. One person gave her a rose.  Others just cracked up laughing.

She has started a blog called  The Red Nose Daily. She blogs about what it feels like, how people react etc. It sure is interesting!

Oh and just so you know...she is pretty cute without the red nose too!

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so interesting story.
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