Saturday, July 2, 2011

Not bad for 100 Yen!

Sometimes I really really love Japan...and this is one of those times! 

A little while ago, we gave up our ADSL internet  connection in our apartment. I had gotten it  many years ago because the plan included a long distance phone plan that, at the time, was the best out there. But I realized that if I used skype, it would be  much cheaper. So, for our internet connection, I joined our cell phone company's personal wifi system. The only (kind of) problem with that was that when I was at work (I took the usb wifi system with me so I could use my  computer I keep at work on my breaks to work on our business) my husband had to go downstairs and use the internet connection in our office. This was not a huge problem but still....he sometimes wanted to work upstairs. So we thought we should stop our connection downstairs and get him a personal wifi system as well.  We were going to have him join our cell phone company too but for whatever reason we just never made it there. I'm so glad now!

Wednesday night we saw part of a commercial advertising a personal wifi system that when you joined (a 2 year contract which is standard here in Japan), you got, for 100 Yen ($1.25 USD) - a netbook computer and a camera. But we didn't really know who was selling it and there were only 500 sets available.   Then we saw it again on Thursday and this time we figured out who was selling it and we applied. It took a couple of days to be approved but everything is on its way to us!  We are so happy because it means we have a backup camera (or rather the camera we have now might become our backup and considering we take pictures almost everyday for our business...a backup is a good thing to have) and we will use the little netbook downstairs in the office so we don't have to take down our laptops!

I did a search and apparently, the netbook is worth about $600 and the camera is $100! Not bad for 100 Yen/ $1.25 USD  and for getting something (personal wifi) we would have gotten anyway!


Mitinita said...

congrats! gotta love Japan!

Kelsey said...

That's an awesome deal! Can I ask what company is doing it? Glad you both can use the net happily now~~~

FromJapanWithLove said...

Thanks! It was

They still have the computer deal but it doesn't include the camera anymore-they sold out fast.

It was just delivered so hubby is setting everything up!

Japan Australia said...

Sounds like a great deal to me!!

Japan Australia

Siti Suriani said...

japan ? u r from japan ? :) nway, nice to meet u. -from malaysia-


FromJapanWithLove said...

Actually I'm from Canada...but I have been living in Japan for 13 years. Nice to "meet" you too.

Aries said...

That is really cheap. There are so many 100 yen shops around Kuala Lumpur now a days. Every time hubby and I go into one and we will end up buying something. Just couldn't resist. Those stuffs are so cute, just have to get one each visit.


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