Saturday, October 11, 2008

Champagne at the salon!

I went to the salon last Saturday with my friends Phee and Susan (hey girls!) and my hair dresser was so sweet and opened a bottle of bubbly since my birthday was on the 8th! So we sat there for hours gabbing (about vibrators among other things), drinking bubbly and eating figs! It was great girl time!

All last week my students brought me gifts....very sweet! I got gift certificates, hannari tofu goods, sweets etc. I am a very lucky person!! I had to work on my bday but after we went to a delicious steak place in town and I had a couple of drinks-it was great!!!

I finally joined twitter (as you can see on the right hand side of my blog...there are updates). I am really hoping to be able to connect my cell phone as I would love to be giving updates on the go when I'm in Tokyo as I imagine I will find a ton of things that are unique.

Speaking of Tokyo, I bought my shinkansen tickets (bullet train). I'm so excited as it is my first time! Some people say "it's too long to get to Tokyo". Yes, it is 5 hours but as I'm used to it taking me 30+ hours to get to my dad's house in Canada, 5 hours is nothing! And when I think about flying-going from my house to the airport...waiting at the airport....flying and then taking a 2 hour ride into Tokyo...ummm...the train can't be that much longer. Besides I LOVE the trains in Japan!!!

Oh and I got the delivery of bread and had my first sandwich! Mmm...bacon and egg sandwiches! I'm so happy. I can't wait to try all the different kinds and then figure out the ones I love best so I can order more! I made gluten free brownies last week and OMG....can't be having those in the house on a regular basis....way too yummy!!

The weather has been crap (humid) but I can feel a crispness to the air tonight...perfect walking weather so hopefully I will start after work on Monday (if not tomorrow night).

Just got a load of hannari tofu things today so I should go re list them!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!!

I followed you on Twitter :) /lovemagnet

I hope you have a great trip to Tokyo :D

Anonymous said...

OH PS: it's Jeannie from Etsy if you don't recognize :D

Marya Fernanda said...

Happy late Birthday!! ^^
I'm following you on Twitter! It's so nice to be able to update it from the cellphone -- I recently purchased an iPhone, and it's really simple to update Twitter from it with the help of an app!
Also, I'm glad the hannari tofu items were re-listed!! Now I'll be able to get the pink plush key chain!! :D

sofia said...

Hi! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

I LOVE twitter but seriously doubt I can do it from my cell phone here in Japan. I'm still trying so keep your fingers crossed for me!


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