Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shopping at the "big" mall

I'm totally enjoying my vacation! What have I done? Mostly work on the business but since I love it hardly feels like work!

Yesterday we went to a "big" shopping mall. I say "big" because really...they aren't as big as the ones we have in North America but for around here it is pretty big. To get there we have to take the train and got off in what appears to be, the middle of nowhere!

From here we call a taxi and go to the mall. Inside we find that it is decorated for Christmas!

From the second floor they hung balls and lights and they twinkle....not sure the pics are so great but here they are. The first pic is the first floor looking up and the second pic is taken from the second floor looking down on the first floor. Many of the malls are carpeted and since we don't get a lot of snow I guess it is be honest I prefer no carpets!

So we did the usual at Starbucks which was playing Christmas music (but sadly didn't have eggnog flavored anything). Then we went shopping to one of my favorite stores in this mall. We were lucky...we found a ton of stuff for our businesses!! We go there often enough that the staff recognizes me. I'm pretty sure we are the only ones to shop the way we do. Now...a bit of interesting trivia about Japan. Did you know that many Japanese stores have a limit to how many items you can buy at one time? By this I mean...for example, yesterday we had probably over 200 items.....the cash register could only accept about 80 at a time so we have to pay after 80 items are rung up. This happens to us all the time!! Even the post office is like this. I think each store has it's own limit but the fact that they have a limit at all is a bit strange, isn't it? (Ok I am asking....are there limits like that in America, Canada or other countries? My first thought is no...but I might be wrong!). Anyway, at this store after we paid for the last time, the clerk leans over to me and whispers a question (of course in Japanese)...."Is this for a business?" and I whispered back "yes." to which she bowed and thanked me "itsumo arigatou gozaimasu" which basically means "Thanks for always shopping here." I get asked all the time about the items I buy....I mean who normally buys $700 worth of stickers and memo pads at one time? Depending on what I'm buying I lie and tell them it is for my mom (her house must be filled to the ceiling with fabric and Japanese paper!! ^__^). I'm just not comfortable saying I sell things...I mean they don't really care....they must just be happy I'm buying all the time from them!
Anyway, we didn't shop for very long but it was power shopping for a few hours. Then we ate sushi and took the train home. I must have tired out my poor honey because he fell asleep on the train clutching a few of the many bags we had.


'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Aww...your poor man is plum tuckered!!!!

And no, there's no limits to buying here. I've never come across's pretty weird!

I was floored when I saw Christmas items up for sale at Target the other day! I can't believe they're already DECORATING the mall there for Christmas AND Christmas music on top of it!?!? Insane!

I love reading your blog!

Jennifer Rose said...

I don't think there is a limit to buying here or in any of the places I live at in Canada. Well there is a limit to the amount of Ibuprofen you can buy at one time here but I think thats it. Xmas things have been up here since before October started :/ Thankfully no music though lol

nerida said...

Thanks for sharing your shopping day! I feel like I've had some retail therapy.

Your photo of your napping honey is just too cute! I think I'd need a nap after carrying 400 note pads!

MaliciousGnome said...

I live in Tennessee, and I've never heard of a limit, either. And our stores are already decorating for Christmas, too! I mean geez, people, it's not even turkey day yet! :)

sofia said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for letting me know there is no limit when shopping....I thought that was only here! Talking about Christmas music...It's really weird eating at a sushi restaurant with Christmas music...doesn't quite match!

maliciousgnome...turkey day in Canada was this month (october) so...I guess it is different there but I think they might wait till after Halloween. Here...they don't even really celebrate so don't quite get it!

terryann said...

your honey is very cute!

the said...

Yes, there can be a limit. I used to work for a major craft retailer (in the US). Only once did a limit ever come up, and that was because someone bought 200 items. The cash register choked and let me know it couldn't ring up any more items on that one order.


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