Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's cool enough for nabe!

I LOVE nabe!! This is a one pot dish and tonight we ate kimcheenabe. We started with kimchee (actually Korean) broth-red and spicy and we added many veggies, mushrooms, beef and mini mochi (the white "blobs" which are mini rice cakes). We put them in the pot and boil and then scoop them out and eat. It is one of the best dishes for cool nights and is soooo healthy and tasty!
I just wanted to share!


terryann said...

oh this sounds so good! We eat something that I think was called shabu shabu, with vegies and thinly sliced beef, in seaweed water. I am not sure I am making it correctly but it has been 20 years since I was in Japan, and I am attempting to make it from my memory. I mix up a sauce with soy and lemon, it taste wonderful! It is one of my familys favorate, and yes we cook it on the table, hot pot style. ☺

Jennifer Rose said...

that looks so good! *hears stomach rumble*

sofia said...

Hi Terryann-I know shabu understanding with it (though I could be wrong) is that you cook one piece at a time and that "shabu shabu" is the sound the meat makes as it is being swished through the broth. I prefer to just dump everything in.^__^

If you can find kombu dashi (powder mix)...I sometimes add that to water and a bit of soy sauce and make a broth to cook everything in and then for a dip I use more soy sauce with garlic paste, hot red pepper flakes (and a bit of water if it is too strong). Yummy!

Hi Jennifer-I know! I just looked at it and got hungry again and it is almost 2:30 am here-not a good time to eat!

nerida said...

OMG! That looks so yum. And healthy!


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