Friday, October 17, 2008

Geisha and mini Santa Christmas cards!

I am soooo happy! We have these again this year. I LOVE these Christmas cards! I also love the store that I buy these at! They allowed me to look through their catalogues and pick out the ones I wanted. Then, when we went in today they brought me a box filled with cards and we got to pick out the ones that we liked the best. I am soooo excited by the ones we bought. These 3 are ones we had last year that we were lucky enough to get again this year. We also picked out some more stunning cards that we will be putting up in the next few days. Whoever came up with this idea of combining traditional Japanese scenes with mini Santas is a genuis!!!

A little info about these 3 cards:

The top card is of a traditional street in Kyoto and sadly the picture can't show you how stunning this card sparkles with silver!

The second one is of a pagoda that I've actually visited in Yamaguchi prefecture (though I have never seen Santas).

The third is in a "dohyo" (the circle where sumo matches take place).


Katybeth said...

Wow! So cute! These are the kind of Christmas cards you keep forever & put on display every year as decoration.

sofia said...

Hi katybeth-I know!! I love these....

Kathi said...

Where can I buys the cards ?

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hi Kathi-you can buy them at my etsy shop and just look under the "christmas/newyear/winter" category. There are a few different cards with the mini santas.


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