Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas tofu, white pepsi and more!

Lots has been going on! First...the pics.

Went shopping the other day and bought a whole bag of goodies!! Tofu dressed as reindeer, Santa and snowmen!! So cute! And more styles are coming!

This pic is of a new Pepsi product....Pepsi and yogurt flavor!? My honey tried it and ....let's just say he won't be buying it again!!

Well, I'm not in Tokyo! At the very last minute my plans changed. See, the real reason I was going to Tokyo was to go to the Canadian embassy to get some document signed that says I'm single and can get married (I call my honey "hubby" because we have lived together for 5 years but technically....he isn't yet). All foreigners need this piece of paper. Fine except that last year they closed the consulate near me which was why I was going to Tokyo. Of course while there I would shop for my businesses. Anyway, I had my tickets and was packed and decided to email the embassy just to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything and in the email I happened to mention that I live in Fukuoka. Well, I came home to an email that ended with:

"We have a recently started new notarial system which affects Canadian residents in Kyushu area and would like to explain to you if it is not too late."

Not too late? What the hell did that mean? I envisioned needing to spend more time there than I thought ... The next morning I got up and called and it turns out that they recently found 4 lawyers in the big city near me that can sign the document (I still have to send it to the embassy but at least I don't have to go with it!) because they figured it wasn't fair that we had to go to Tokyo (duh!!!). So, we called the train station and asked if we could cancel and they said sure but it would cost us about $8. No problem! So....that is why I'm not in Tokyo!

Even though I'm not in Tokyo I am on holidays!! I have 10 days off! I'm soooo happy! My students were surprised and asked why...ummm.....because sensei needs a break and Shimbarasan sensei (my boss) is going to Thailand. Have I ever mentioned that I love my job? I get close to 8 weeks (54 days) of paid vacation per year. I get these next 10 days off and then I work for about 6.5 weeks and I have another 17 days off!! Woohoo! So I will be doing some shopping!!!


'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Yogurt flavored pepsi? Ewww!

sofia said...

Yup! Yogurt like drinks are really popular here! I'm guessing this one is only in Japan!

Marya Fernanda said...

Yay, Christmas tofus!! \o/ I can see the straps in the middle of the lot! I want them now!! :D

And I have never seen yogurt flavored drinks!! I love Pepsi, but even the looks of this one don't help: it seems like a bottle of medicine!!

Jennifer Rose said...

what cute little tofu :) You get yoghurt drinks here but not pop ones. The yoghurt ones are bad enough, can't image pepsi ones yuck!

Custom Promotional Products said...

yeah these are very popular in japan

Strong Diet Pills said...

this one belong to japan

ebidebby said... it bad that I actually loved Pepsi White? Hehehe.


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