Monday, October 13, 2008


I LOVE oden but to be honest it took me about 8 years before I realized that. I just didn't get it....boiled brown food. Hmmm.....that couldn't be good in my opinion. I guess I didn't grow up with a lot of boiled brown food! Well, about 2 or 3 years ago I tried it and LOVED it and the great thing (then ,before I went gluten free) was that you can buy it at almost every convenience store (7-11 etc) from October - March. I have eaten a lot of oden but then I went gluten free so I can't just go to 7-11 and grab some so I decided I would have to make it. So, I went to the supermarket and bought the ingredients to make it.

So the first pic shows everything (except the diakon) that we wanted to eat.

The second pic shows little "tofu pockets" as I like to call them but they are called "kinchakumochi" and they are little fried tofu skins filled with mini rice cakes. There are also some filled with cabbage.

The third picture has tofu squares and "ganmo" which are puffy round tofu cakes with veggies. And there are shrimp dumplings.

The fourth pic shows them in the broth cooking.

The last pic shows a few pieces of oden with a blob of "karashi" or very spicy mustard-the mustard really helps it taste amazing.

Again, this is a perfect fall/winter food!!


Ming said...

Mmm... boiled... brown... yummy!

Colleen said...

All of these food pictures are making me miss Japan and this time of year there!


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