Thursday, October 16, 2008

How cute are these little pig cakes?!!

So I was on line shopping for my business and I came across these little guys!! These are famous characters in Japan called "monokuro boo". "Monokuro" means "black and white" and "boo" is short for "buta" which means "pig" so....these are little black and white pig cakes! I just wanted to share these pics as I thought they were sooooo cute!

Note to self...what is up with all the food posts?! ^__^


Jennifer Rose said...

almost too cute to eat :D

maoiliosa said...

waaaaa sooooo kawaii! :D

Jacy said...

way too cute to eat

Kim said...

They are really cute. I have seen them when I was in Japan
Monokuro Boo are anime-style characters that were created by the Japanese company San-X. The characters are composed of two pigs, one white and one black, with square-shaped bodies, dots for eyes, a snout, and a curly tail at the back. They are occasionally seen with a bee flying around them.


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