Saturday, October 18, 2008

How cute is this origami?!!

Thursday I ordered from a new site for my etsy and yahoo businesses. They had many cute products but I mostly bought "sabokappa" items from them. "Sabo" is short for "saboten" which means "cactus" and "kappa" means "water imp" so ...this is a water imp pretending to be a cactus!! Anyway, we got our order from them today and inside was this cute little handmade origami of a "sabokappa" with a little jack-o'-lantern. What a cute thank you gift!


Jennifer Rose said...

oh very cute! hey if my cactus ever decides to grow I have a name now for it :)

Marya Fernanda said...

Aw, I have just checked the site and tried to order the Sabokappa keychain, but it's no longer available!! :C

sofia said...

Marya-We ordered more! And some other sabokappa goods!

Marya Fernanda said...

Hello Sofia, thanks for the information!
I also would like to order along the keychain of the pink Tofu, but I'd like everything to come in one package.. would it possible to hold one tofu of this (, before it sells out again, until the Sabokappa keychain arrives?
Thank you! :)

Custom Promotional Products said...

oh very cute indeed

Strong Diet Pills said...

i love this origami


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